Energy suppliers

Data in energy invoices as basis for online energy services means loyal customers

Nearly all energy suppliers have serious problems in supplying energy and invoicing this on time and correctly. Facilicom uses its EASy online invoice tool for invoicing the energy supplied and converts the data in the energy invoice into useful information for the user and the supplier.

Since the liberalisation of the energy market, energy suppliers have serious problems in supplying the energy and invoicing this on time and correctly. Some energy suppliers have changed their invoicing models so many times and until now, they still haven’t sorted things out. As long as invoicing is not in order, energy suppliers have not been able to provide added value and many customers are understandably dissatisfied.

With EASy, Facilicom has an invoicing tool at its disposal in which the online invoicing control module automatically checks the energy invoices generated by EASy and users can see online that the delivery and network invoices are correct. Furthermore, EASy provides additional services, such as digital invoices, various reporting options in Excel, Benchmark and up-to-date saving potential in euros and CO2, for example. The saving potential is divided into savings due to erroneous network invoices, re-adjustments in contractual capacities, reclaims to over-payment of energy tax, re-adjusting settings, and implementing energy-saving measures. The web application can also present and analyse data from smart meters and telemeters and compare these volumes with the volumes recorded in supply and network invoices.

The structure of the web application is set up in such a way that it makes no difference to Facilicom whether it concerns single sites or multi sites and whether the users are large or small consumers.