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The difference in energy costs between comparable care institutions can run up to €800,000 annually.

The energy costs per square metres for a care institution varies from more than €25 per m2 for an energy-intensive location to around €10 per m2 for an energy-efficient location. With its DOE-MEE application, Facilicom ensures care institutions a guaranteed and demonstrable reduction of their energy costs.


Metered data, annual energy volumes and other information provide added value only if you are aware of what is normal, deviant and feasible. That is why Facilicom has designed its web application in such a way that it can compare the affiliated care institutions with each other. The web application links location-specific characteristics, such as gross floor area and number of beds to the energy consumption as retrieved from energy invoices and/or energy meters. This gives us useful key figures, such as kWh and m3 gas per gross square metre. Participants see immediately how their location performs in comparison to the 20% best, 50% best and the average location. The web application also analyses the data read by telemeters daily, compares this to similar locations and consequently, Facilicom intervenes whenever it emerges that a particular location is using more energy than necessary. The web application calculates and presents the current saving potential so that Facilicom can take appropriate steps in consultation with the customer. The web application also presents the savings demonstrated by Facilicom, which the customer can realise by taking measures that will recover costs within maximum one year, but preferably much earlier. The amount saved is split up into reclaims on overpaid bills (such as energy tax), by making changes in contractual capacities, by re-adjusting the settings on installations, and by smart energy procurement – just to name a few.

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