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Housing corporations

Grip on your energy administration and the Heating Act

Many housing corporations provide their tenants with comfort (cooled air and/or heat) and hot tap water and take care of the related administration. These are activities that fall outside of the sector and takes away from the core business. Facilicom is the specialist in carrying out a total invoicing process.

Housing corporations

Housing corporations that provide energy usually send their customers only a hardcopy or digital invoice. If Facilicom takes care of invoicing energy, then it not only sends the invoice, but also uses the energy volumes stated on the invoices to generate useful information. If necessary, the consumers of the supplied energy can view and check their energy invoices via the Facilicom web application as well as get a picture of the energy consumption per year, the energy costs per year, the realised savings, the effectiveness of a collective system and the relative energy consumption in comparison to comparable housing. All the invoices and relevant information, such as the supply agreement, are available online for both principal and consumers.

Central supply of mostly grey energy has had its day. Increasingly more initiatives are taken by local parties, such as housing corporations, to generate their own sustainable energy and to supply this to its tenants. Energy consumers also appreciate more added value from their energy providers, such as concrete advice about energy-saving based on their consumption profile and annual volumes. Because the Facilicom web application links energy volumes to the specific characteristics of locations, Facilicom can determine the norms and identify deviations, and communicate these factors.

If necessary, Facilicom web application can also process and check the incoming energy invoices sent by the central excitation system. Facilicom connects the volumes of the incoming invoices to the supplied energy as recorded in the energy invoices that it generates. The web application calculates the conversion of the incoming energy into supplied energy, calculates the effectiveness (COP) of the system, and compares this to similar systems. This allows housing corporations to continuously monitor the effectiveness and yield of the collective excitation system and to check whether this falls within the Heating Act.

Facilicom can also assist housing corporations with guaranteed savings on energy costs at their location and with buying of energy.

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