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In which business are you working?

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Compare your energy costs on location level and see immediately the total saving potential

Every multi-site within the Facilicom web application forms its own unique group. The web application compares the relative energy consumption per location as well as with that of sector colleagues. Customers can see immediately how their locations perform compared to others and what the saving potential on a location and organisational level is.


Metered data, annual energy volumes and other information provide added value only if you are aware of what is normal, deviant and feasible. That is why Facilicom has designed its web application so that all customers are part of a single homogeneous group. Multi sites, such as banks, store chains, municipalities, schools and care institutions form their own unique groups. The web application links location-specific characteristics, such as gross floor area, work places, students and kilograms of product to the energy consumption as retrieved from energy invoices and/or energy meters. This creates useful key figures such as kWh per workplace, student and kilogram of product. Customers see immediately how their location performs in comparison to the 20% best, 50% best and the average location. The web application calculates and present what the saving potential is in both euros and CO2 per location and in the total organisation. The saving potential in euro is divided into savings due to erroneous network invoices, re-adjustments in contractual capacities, reclaims to over-payment of energy tax, re-adjusting settings, and implementing energy-saving measures.

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