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Ploos introduces its new service DOE-MEE

DOE-MEE enables organisations to know in advance how much energy costs they will  save. This puts behind us the notion that energy management only costs money.

Market players have an increasing need for concrete support in energy saving instead of resources that they have to use themselves for realising this objective. Furthermore, market players do not want to invest money if they are not sure in advance that they will recuperate that money. That is why Ploos has introduced the new service DOE-MEE. DOE-MEE is the Dutch acronym for Sustainable Worry-Free Energy – Joint Energy-Saving. With DOE-MEE, Ploos acts as a central invoicing address, receives all the energy bills directly from the energy suppliers, and processes them in its web application. The web application checks the invoices and if everything is in order and Ploos claims back overpaid amounts. In addition, Ploos makes sure that its customers save money by active energy procurement. Finally, Ploos receives data daily from smart meters, presents and analyses the metered data via its web application, and advises its customers about their settings. Because Ploos divided its customers into homogeneous groups, it is easy see what is normal and feasible within a sector. Ploos is then able to provide its customers with very effective advice. That is why when organisations use DOE-MEE, Ploos dares to guarantee them in advance what they can expect to save. If Ploos realises fewer savings, then it credits them proportionately. Organisations that do use DO-MEE always experience a positive result.

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Ploos introduces the intelligent Energy Calculation System: EASy

Ploos introduces the intelligent Energy Calculation System: EASy

Change of name to Ploos Energieverlening

Change of name to Ploos Energieverlening

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