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Ploos introduces the intelligent Energy Calculation System: EASy

EASy combines data generated from energy invoices with location and sector specific characteristics in order to provide added value, such calculating the saving potential.  

To develop EASy, Ploos has used the knowledge it has acquired in developing its web application and related services, such as Central Invoice Processing and the Energy Benchmark. Currently, most energy suppliers do not provide any service beyond sending its energy bills, and these are often full of errors. Ploos considers impeccable invoicing unquestionable but in addition, it also offers other services that customers really appreciate. Energy consumers can digitally access all the invoices, agreements and desired reports via the Ploos web application. Furthermore, the web application shows how energy consumers perform in comparison to sector colleagues and what the actual saving potential is by checking invoices, making changes in contractual capacities, energy taxes, energy procurement, re-adjusting the settings, and implementing energy-saving measures. The Ploos web application can also check the generated energy invoices so that energy consumers can be sure that their energy invoices are correct.

Ploos offers EASy to organisations that supply energy (also sustainable energy) such as gas, electricity and heat to energy consumers.

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Ploos introduces its new service DOE-MEE

Ploos introduces its new service DOE-MEE

Change of name to Ploos Energieverlening

Change of name to Ploos Energieverlening

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