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Reliable energy data at any desired moment thanks to collaboration with Facilicom Solutions Energiemanagement.

Thanks the web application of Facilicom, Achmea can inspect all its relevant energy data at any time it wishes. This includes the number of connections, the annual energy volumes, the completeness of received invoices and the saving potential by readjusting settings and implementing energy-saving measures.

“Facilicom serves as a central invoicing address for Achmea. It receives the digital energy invoices directly from the selected energy suppliers. Facilicom processes the energy invoices in its web application and links the annual volumes to building-specific features, such a gross floor area and the number of workplaces. This provides a proper control of the good or poor performance of locations and lets Achmea take effective measures. In addition, the web application checks whether the energy invoices are correct and complete. If this is not the case, Facilicom takes appropriate steps. The web application also compares data read from telemeters with volumes that are recorded in the supply and network invoices.

Facilicom monitors contractual energy rates, future transactions and processes all this data in a rolling forecast that it sets up for us each month. That way, Achmea knows at any given time what the energy costs will be for the coming 24 months. Facilicom also reports each month what the realised energy costs are and, if these deviate from the drafted budget, and what causes the deviation.

For its corporate sustainability report, Achmea uses the information generated by the Facilicom web application. As a result of this cooperation, the time necessary for generating the required data is limited to a minimum. The audits carried out by the Achmea accountant show that the information generated by the web application is reliable,” says Theo Peters, Team Manager at Huisvesting Achmea Facilitair Bedrijf.

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Reliable energy data at any desired moment thanks to collaboration with Facilicom.