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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays an increasingly important role. Part of CSR is being as frugal as possible with energy so that we can keep the carbon footprint as low as possible. Carglass® is not only assessed by Belron Holding on the financial level, but since 2008 also on its CO2 emission. More and more customers insist that Carglass® services will have as little environmental impacts as possible.

The person in Carglass® responsible for its CSR policy is Patrick Niemeijer, Operations Services Manager. He tells us: Carglass has been working with Facilicom Solutions Energiemanagement since 2006. The prompting factor was the liberalisation of the energy market for enterprises. Facilicom helps us enormously with concluding our fixed contracts for electricity and gas for the 58 service centres and the head office. Carglass® had decided right away to have Facilicom centrally take care of all the invoicing from our energy suppliers and network companies. This has considerably reduced the burden for our accounts payable department. This is not only a reduction of the financial burden, but it also gives us a better grip on the costs. Carglass® lacked specific knowledge for properly assessing the energy bills.

Because Facilicom enters all the consumption figures in the database, Carglass® has an immediate picture of the consumption by the various service centres. With this understanding, the next logical step was the energy scan. The energy scan, which was carried out onsite by qualified people from Facilicom, has given us a perfect insight into consumption and now we know precisely which measures have to be taken.  A very useful component of the scan is the concrete measures that a company should take to lower its energy consumption – complete with an investment overview.

We now equip new service centres according to different standards than in the past. At the end of 2014, four service centres have been equipped with a climate system by means of heating pumps. We now know from experience that the CO2 emission in our new service centres has been cut by 50% in comparison to conventional facilities that use CV installations and gas heaters. Based on the internal benchmark, at the end of 2011, the roller doors in 28 service centres were equipped with roller-door switches that temporarily interrupt the thermostat when the door is standing open. In 2012, this saved us more than 11% on CO2 emission from gas and therefore also on our gas bill.
Measures were also taken in the area of advertising lights and interior lights. Old and inefficient advertising lights in many locations were replaced by low-energy LED lighting. Old T8 lights were replaced by T5 and other low-energy light sources.

I very much look forward to the next step. There are plans to expand the energy benchmark with the total CO2 emission, therefore also the emission caused by transport. If this CO2 model will be certified externally, then Carglass® will be able to demonstrate to all its customers that the claim of CO2 reduction is not just on paper.

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