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Heuvelrug Wonen

Thanks to EASy, we have control of the technical performance and financial results of the excitation system.

Heuvelrug Wonen in Doorn, a housing corporation, uses EASy. Heuvelrug generates sustainable electricity, heat, and hot and cold tap water for its tenants in six apartment complexes.

“Facilicom reads all the relevant energy meters and translates the data into energy invoices for the tenants and management information for the directorate. In addition to the energy used by the tenants for their own apartments, Facilicom also processes the invoices for other costs, such as window washing and energy for the communal areas. The tenants receive specifically compiled invoices that reflect their individual living situation. Facilicom can compile a financial and energy management report per apartment building or for all the apartment buildings together. The reports show whether the installations achieve the expected energy and financial returns. Thanks to these reports, Heuvelrug Wonen is able to identify improvement points at early stages and to take the appropriate measures,” says Mario Berends, Project Manager at Heuvelrug Wonen.

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