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Professional invoicing to tenants thanks to EASy

ProWinko Nederland BV (ProWinko) manages and invests in real estate. For its recently renovated location, Bella Donna in Amsteram, ProWinco uses EASy to pass on the energy costs to its tenants. In addition, ProWinko gets a grip on the energy and financial performance of the heat-pump installation.

“Every month we send the meter reading to Facilicom, and EASy converts the meter reading into energy invoices for the tenants and management information for ProWinco. Facilicom also received and checks the incoming energy invoices from the central excitation system. Combining Facilicom’ EASy and Central Invoice Processing has given us a grip on the energy administration and right after delivery, we can already see what we have to readjust the central installation. In simple language, Facilicom lets us see where the critical points are in generating heat and cold air and in the electricity consumption of the building. In the invoice, EASy also states how much CO2 saving we achieve each month by taking energy-saving measures, such as the heat-pump system and the solar panels that ProWinko had installed during the renovation. The tenants are therefore constantly aware of the sustainability of the building in which they rent and are able to communicate the CO2 saving to the relevant stakeholders,” says Estien Bicker, Asset Manager at ProWinko Nederland BV 

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